What I Ate Today

For anyone who follows me on Instagram you know yesterday I shared my 17 week belly pic and promised to record everythin…


My Easter Smoothie aka Lunch

I think this might be the laziest Easter of my life. I’ve been SO tired today, maybe because my body is busy makin…


Video Gadget: XShot GoPro Pole

Over the past few months I’ve started gathering some super fun gadgets to help me make this Paleo “reality s…


Fruit On A Low Carb Diet!?

For the first two years Rory and I were together I didn’t eat a single piece of fruit. Whaaaaaat!?? I was low carb…

Paleo Cleanse Cover

7-Day Paleo Cleanse

Whether you just want to lose some bloat before vacation or you’ve been trying to lose weight for months and just …


69 Paleo Chocolate Treats

When it comes to favorite holidays, it’s a toss up between Christmas and Valentine’s Day for me. While Chris…

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  • I've quickly realized I need healthy snacks READY at all times now since prepping anything takes 17x longer with two kids. Today Decky and I made our fave Paleo snickerdoodles and tomorrow we'll whip up some muffins and breads to freeze🍞🍪 #paleo #cookies #baking #dessert #snack #sahm
  • Happy Birthday to my Prince Charming🍀💗💙 @irishroryarmy
  • Love this little face💗 #babygirl
  • First synced naptime = coffee, nails, catching up on emails & wrapping up the October @poshpaleomag issue!! It feels so good to be back to work!!!👏🏼📸🖥📰
  • Not too bad for 4 days postpartum but I've got a lot of work ahead of me! By the end of my pregnancy (40wks 6days) I gained 25 pounds and as of today I have 18 left to lose. I literally just lost the 7 baby pounds😏 
This week I'm not going crazy with my diet or meal plan while we adjust to our new life with two babes but starting next week I'll be tracking everything and sharing it with you guys so you can see how I'm doing it🤓
If anyone has questions or comments or suggestions... message me! I looooove talking about diet & fitness😜 
#postpartum #pregnancy #weightloss #newborn #fitmom #paleo #poshpaleo #lchf #dietitian #selfie
  • On the other side of the sibling stroll camera: two zombies
  • First sibling outing👶🏻👶🏻💙💜 #babies #siblings #bugaboodonkey
  • The sweetest pink card ever🎀 Thank you deer @irishroryarmy 😘💗🍀 #babygirl #pink #loveletter
  • My little fam🍀💙💗 | 📷= @lapren

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Today’s Breakfast: Pumpkin Coffee Cake

I’ve been pinning and planning and daydreaming about trying new Paleo…


My Easter Smoothie aka Lunch

I think this might be the laziest Easter of my life. I’ve been SO tir…